Various and huge repetoire we performe is always adapted to the atmosphere and guests we are entertaining. We respect your wishes and suggestions about the selection of the songs and singers you would like to hear. That means if you don't want to hear specific singer or some kind of music, we respect that and don't performe such music.

We play many traditional sons from all parts of Croatia. It would be hard to wright names of all those songs, but some of them such as Vela Luka, Konobo moja, Suza za zagorske brege, Fijaker stari, Podravino moja mila, etc. Everyone likes to hear.

We also play many songs from Croatian singers and bands such as Oliver, Gibonni, Doris, Danijela, Nina, Zečić, Severina, Fosili, Magazin, Colonia, Belan, Prljavci, Valjak, Jinx, etc. You can have a look at the list of songs , although there are misssing some songs played by Šerfezi, Robić, Ivčić, and some older singers. The list would be too long, but we know plenty of those songs. Also we play many of songs in foreign languages (English, Italian, Spanish). We performe some of the well known evergreens, rock and pop songs, and several disco hits.

To resume, it is an ideal repertoire for weddings, birthday parties or any ather occasions.