"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between." Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Music for wedding

STEP BY STEP is a band from Zagreb - Croatia, that entertains people in different occasions for many years. If you need music for your wedding, birthday party, baptiseing of your child or any other occasion, you are on the right place.

On this pages you can find out something more about us. It will be our pleasure if you conntact us, look at our video inserts and assure yourself about our qulities. You can have a look at songs we play (our repertoire), photos from our performances or video clips from several weddings. You can also listen our audio performance. If you still are not convinced we are the best choice for your party, you can call us without any obligations. We can send you our DVD, and than you can make your decision much easier.

If you want to have unforgetable wedding party or an unforgetable birthday party, let your choice be STEP BY STEP.